The USGS Center for Integrated Data Analytics is committed to advancing USGS science and a broader understanding of our changing world by integrating disparate data across scales and domains, improving access to data and research, developing tools for analysis and visualization, and fostering collaboration with the international community.

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26 Mar

The USGS Water Mission Area announced the public release of R packages dataRetrieval and EGRET, as well as the website

17 Mar

In collaboration with the USGS Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center, CIDA released an iOS mobile application called iPlover on March 17. Read More

16 Sept

Jessica Lucido attended a meeting of ACWI's Subcommittee on Ground Water in at USGS headquarters on September 16-17 to discuss the future direction and expansion of the NGWMN and Data Portal.

31 Aug

New tool was developed to explore and find information about GLRI science. Check out the GLRI Science Explorer:

25 Jul

The Coastal Change Hazards Portal was featured on the DOI's "This week in the Interior" video

18 Jul

A new Health-Based Screening Level (HBSL) website has been published with updated benchmark values and redesigned website.

5 May

Jessica Lucido participated in a meeting in Vienna on May 5th to continue work on the second version of the GWML data model. This model seeks to harmonize the GWML with the EU's INSPIRE models related to geology and hydrogeology.

30 Apr

Coastal Change Hazards Portal v1.1.7 released to the public.

29 Apr

USGS Electrical Engineer Mary Bucknell demonstrated the latest updates to the National Environmental Methods Index web site ( at the NWQMC Conference in Cincinnati, OH.

28 Mar

NEMI users can now download WQP records collected using a specific URL directly from NEMI summary pages.

24 Mar

CIDA in cooperation with the NASA/USGS Land Processes Distributed Active Archive Center, the NASA Langley Reasearch Center, and the Unidata programming office has been awarded a cooperative agreement grant.

4 Mar

CIDA announces availability of the North American and Global Land Data Assimilation System datasets through the Geo Data Portal.

3 Mar

The technical implementation of assigning DOIs was designed and completed by the Publications Warehouse Team at CIDA.

6 Feb

Sediment mapper released to the public at

28 Jan

Jordan Read presented "Establishing a physical template for national-scale lake research" to the USGS Water Mission senior staff.

9 Jan

The Everglades Depth Estimation Network (EDEN) team has publicly announced the Explore and View EDEN (EVE) application.

16 Dec

Jordan Read co-authored "Decadal oscillation of lakes and aquifers in the upper Great Lakes region of North America: Hydroclimatic Implications" in Geophysical Research Letters.

13 Dec

Laura DeCicco presented "Exploration and Graphics for RivEr Trends (EGRET) and dataRetrieval: R packages developed by the USGS" at the AGU fall meeting in California.

11 Dec

Jordan Walker presented "Progress on big data publication and documentation for machine-to-machine discovery, access, and processing" at the AGU fall meeting in California.

11 Dec

Ivan Suftin presented "Taking advantage of HTML5 browsers to realize the concepts of session state and workflow sharing in web-tool applications" at the AGU fall meeting in California.

11 Dec

Jessica Lucido presented "Best Practices for Making Scientific Data Discoverable and Accessible through Integrated, Standards-Based Data Portals" at AGU's fall meeting in California.