National Ground-Water Monitoring Network
Cooperative Agreements

The NGWMN is designed as a cooperative groundwater data collection, management, and reporting system that aggregates data from selected wells and springs in existing Federal, State, Tribal, and local groundwater monitoring networks. The Network is envisioned as a long-term collaborative partnership among Federal and non-Federal data providers that will help address present and future groundwater management questions facing the Nation.

The USGS National Ground-Water Monitoring Network (NGWMN) has been offering funding to agencies to participate in the NGWMN since Federal Fiscal Year 2015. Documents describing the projects funded through the NGWMN Cooperative Agreements for each year are listed below:

Fiscal Year Document
2015 NGWMN_FY15_ProjectSummary.pdf
2016 NGWMN_FY16_ProjectSummary.pdf
2017 NGWMN_FY17_ProjectSummary.pdf
2018 NGWMN_FY18_ProjectSummary.pdf
2019 NGWMN_FY19_ProjectSummary.pdf
2020 NGWMN_FY20_ProjectSummary.pdf
2021 NGWMN_FY21_ProjectSummary.pdf
2022 NGWMN_FY22_ProjectSummary.pdf

The USGS National Ground-Water Monitoring Network (NGWMN) funding opportunity for 2022 has closed and award recipients have been notified. Awards will be made in late June to Mid-July.

The 2023 funding opportunity is current being developed. The 2023 opportunity will be open from late September through mid to late January 2023. Check back here after the end of September to get more details.

If you have questions about the National Ground-Water Monitoring Network Program, please contact:

Daryll Pope 

(609) 462-7119 (cell)


Jason Fine 

(919) 818-6969

 Resources for Proposals

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