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Find fishing regulations by clicking on a county to get a list of lakes, using the list below to select multiple counties, or searching for a lake by name. Note that this database only includes regulations for inland lakes; regulations for rivers and other waters will be added soon.

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DISCLAIMER: Fishing regulations found on this site only apply to inland lakes. All other regulations, including those for trout or salmon, rivers, border waters including the Mississippi River, or the Great Lakes, can be found at http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/fishing/regulations/index.html. This site is not meant to be used as a guide for where to fish. Information on this site is an interpretive summary of Wisconsin's fishing laws and regulations. All fishing regulations listed may not reflect the species found in the lake or flowage. Please check to make sure there is public access and water available for fishing. For complete fishing laws and regulations, consult the Wisconsin State Statutes Chapter 29 or the Administrative Code of the Department of Natural Resources. Consult the legislative website http://docs.legis.wi.gov/ for more information.

Menominee County is a Native American reservation. Find out about tribal policies at tribal headquarters. State laws apply to non-Native Americans fishing on the Menominee Reservation. All waters are closed to hook and line sturgeon fishing.


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