Fishing Locations in

Waterbody NameCounty NameAcreage
Big Arbor Vitae LakeVilas1,070
Big Bass LakeMarathon177
Big Bass LakeWashburn201
Big Bear LakeBurnett179
Big Blake LakePolk208
Big Bowker LakeRusk38
Big Briens LakePrice31
Big Brook LakeBayfield32
Big Buck LakeChippewa17
Big Butternut LakePolk384
Big Carr LakeOneida209
Big Cedar LakeWaushara10
Big Crooked LakeVilas394
Big Crooked LakeVilas665
Big Cub LakeForest4
Big Dardis LakePrice140
Big Devil LakeWashburn166
Big Doctor LakeBurnett213
Big Donahue LakeVilas92
Big Dummy LakeBarron114
Big Fork LakeOneida663
Big Gibson LakeVilas121
Big Horseshoe LakePolk5
Big Hurst LakeVilas47
Big Island LakeOconto38
Big Kitten LakeVilas50
Big LakeDouglas40
Big LakeDunn7
Big LakeJackson108
Big LakeJuneau108
Big LakeOneida845
Big LakePolk22
Big LakePolk65
Big LakePolk245
Big LakeShawano15
Big LakeShawano63
Big LakeVilas827
Big LakeWaupaca15
Big Moon LakeBarron187
Big Muskego LakeWaukesha2,194
Big Muskellunge LakeVilas897
Big Pine LakeIron642
Big Pine LakeMarquette5
Big Pine LakePrice642
Big Portage LakeVilas586
Big Round LakePolk1,014
Big Saint Germain LakeVilas1,622
Big Sand LakeBurnett1,434
Big Sand LakeVilas1,427
Big Sandy LakeMonroe17
Big Stone LakeOneida607
Big Trade LakeBurnett327
Big Twin LakeChippewa5
Big Twin LakeLanglade66
Little Arbor Vitae LakeVilas480
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Menominee County is a Native American reservation. Find out about tribal policies at tribal headquarters. State laws apply to non-Native Americans fishing on the Menominee Reservation. All waters are closed to hook and line sturgeon fishing.


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