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Waterbody Limits    
Waterbody NameMississippi River - Pool No.8
Maximum Boat Days per Month -
Boat Days Available for Current Month -
Pending or Approved Boat Days for Current Month -
Approved Tournaments This Month1
Approved Traditional Tournaments This Month -
Pending Tournaments This Month -
Maximum Tournaments Per Month4

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Permitted Tournaments on June 13, 2021    
Event NameApplication DateOther WaterbodiesDate(s)# Boats# AnglersBoat DaysTarget FishTournament ContactNotes
WISCONSIN BASS NATION HIGH SCHOOL AND YOUTH STATE CHAMPIONSHIP19-JAN-21MISSISSIPPI RIVER - POOL NO.7, Mississippi River - Pool No.906/12/2021-06/13/20216060120Largemouth Bass
Smallmouth Bass
Joshua Crededio, 6307158725This is a special event for youth or disabled participants
Report Total:   6060120   
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Pending Tournaments for June 13, 2021    
No pending tournaments for June 13, 2021.