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Fish Stocking Permit Application
Form 9400-060 Rev. (6/08)

NOTICE: Use of this form is required by the Department for any application to stock fish filed pursuant to s. 29.736, Wis. Stats., and s. NR 19.05, Wis. Adm. Code. The Department will not consider your application unless you complete and submit this form. NOTE: A DNR customer number, social security number or federal employer identification number is REQUIRED when applying for a license or permit listed in s. 29.024(2g) or 29.024(2r), Wis. Stats. The number SHALL NOT be disclosed to any other person except the Department of Workforce Development or the Department of Revenue to determine liability for delinquent child or family support or Wisconsin taxes. Other personally identifiable information collected on this form will be used for managing the Fish Stocking program and is not likely to be used for other purposes.


Stocking Application Process
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General Instructions:

Fill out this online fish stocking permit application below. Note: electronic submission will speed review of your application because when you click the "Submit Application for Processing" button a copy of your application information is transmitted to the Wisconsin DNR. We will require you to print the application and write in your Social Security number if you did not supply your DNR Customer number. Please send completed permit application and a copy of the DATCP Fish Health Certificate (FHC) for each species to be stocked. This must be done before the biologist can issue a permit for stocking. Please review your online application before clicking on the "Submit Application for Processing" button, as you will have only one chance to edit your information.

Please fill this form out as accurately as you can. Fill out the first section and navigate to the next step using the "Next step" button.

Applicant instructions:

All fields are required except for those marked as Optional.

Fields with a '?' next to the label have help attached--just click on the label for an explanation of that field.

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