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Luke Winslow

Data Scientist

Luke Winslow

Data Scientist


USGS Center for Integrated Data Analytics

8505 Research Way

Middleton, Wisconsin 53562

Phone: 608-821-3914


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PhD, Freshwater and Marine Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2014

Masters, Limnology and Marine Science, University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2012

BS, Materials Science & Engineering, University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2007

Areas of Expertise

Big Data Analysis | Global Limnology | Aquatic Sensor Networks

Current Work


Wisconsin Lake Temperature Modeling Project



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Hanson PC, SR Carpenter, JA Cardille, MT Cole, LA Winslow (2007). Small lakes dominate a random sample of regional lake characteristics. Freshwater Biology, 52(5), 814-822.



Winslow LA, JS Read, J Van Den Hoek, C Markfort. “If sunlight hits a lake and no one is around to measure it, does it have a temperature?” Center for Limnology Seminar Series, Madison, Wisconsin, October 2013

Winslow, LA "Lakes, income, and asteroids. When fat-tailed distributions attack!" Science Happens in Taverns, Madison, Wisconsin, April 2013

Winslow LA, JS Read, PC Hanson, EH Stanley. “Estimating U.S. Terrestrial-Aquatic Organic Carbon Flux” ASLO 2013, New Orleans, LA, USA February 2013


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Winslow LA "Lakes on this World" Expeditionary Science Presentation Series, Science Expeditions 2012, Madison Wisconsin, April 2012

Winslow LA "Global Limnology: Understanding the role lakes play on our Earth" PLATO (Participatory Learning and Teaching Organization) UW Continuing Studies, Madison, WI, April 2012


Winslow LA "Lessons from History: How understanding technical and social history of the internet and software can help lead us to a new golden age of data sharing" 14th World Lake Conference, Austin Texas, November 2011

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Winslow, LA “Spectrophotometric look at DOC: Down the Rabbit Hole” Center for Limnology Seminar Series, Madison, Wisconsin, March 2010


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Winslow, LA “Accessing GLEON Network Data” GLEON 7 Student Workshop, Norrtälje, Sweden, Sept 2008