Advisory Committee on Water Information


The ACWI represents the interests of water-information users and professionals in advising the Federal Government on Federal water-information programs and their effectiveness in meeting the Nation's water-information needs.

Great Lakes Observing System


GLOS is dedicated to connecting data users with data providers in ways that are supportive of policy and decision making.

Integrated Ocean Observing System


The Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS) is a national-regional partnership working to provide new tools and forecasts to improve safety, enhance the economy, and protect our environment. Integrated ocean information is now available in near real time, as well as retrospectively. Easier and better access to this information is improving our ability to understand and predict coastal events - such as storms, wave heights, and sea level change. Such knowledge is needed for everything from retail to development planning.

CIDA Collaborations with NOAA IOOS

Great Lakes Restoration Initiative | Water Quality Portal

National Water Quality Monitoring Council


NWQMC provides a national forum for coordination of comparable and scientifically defensible methods and strategies to improve water quality monitoring, assessment and reporting, and promotes partnerships to foster collaboration, advance the science, and improve management within all elements of the water quality monitoring community.

CIDA Collaborations with NWQMC


Natural Resources of Canada


Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) seeks to enhance the responsible development and use of Canada's natural resources and the competitiveness of Canada's natural resources products. We are an established leader in science and technology in the fields of energy, forests, and minerals and metals and use our expertise in earth sciences to build and maintain an up-to-date knowledge base of our landmass.

University of Wisconsin Center for Limnology


The Center for Limnology's mission is to exemplify the Wisconsin Idea by providing new knowledge and information on aquatic ecosystems through research, education, outreach and public service; and to facilitate and support research and teaching based around facilities at the Hasler Laboratory of Limnology and Trout Lake Station.

CIDA Collaborations with UWCFL

INSPIRE | Wisconsin Lake Modeling Aggregation

US Environmental Protection Agency


The US Environmental Protection Agency is the leading government organization charged with protecting US water resources.

CIDA Collaborations with EPA

Water Quality Portal | NEMI

USGS Coastal and Marine Geology Program


The Coastal and Marine Geology Program provides the scientific data, knowledge, and tools required to ensure that decisions about resource use, management practices, and future development in the coastal and marine realm can be evaluated with a sound understanding of the probable effects on coastal ecosystems and communities, and a full assessment of their vulnerability to natural and human-driven changes.

CIDA Collaborations with CMGP

DSASweb | Coastal Change Hazards portal

USGS Community for Data Integration


The Community for Data Integration (CDI) is a dynamic community of practice working together to advance scientific data and information management and integration capabilities in the USGS.

CIDA Collaborations with CDI

Geo Data Portal | USGS Derived Downscaled Climate Projection Portal | NCCWSC Project Data Archives | EnDDaT

USGS Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center


The U.S. Geological Survey's Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center (GCMRC) is the science provider for the Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program. In this role, the research center provides the public and decision makers with relevant scientific information about the status and trends of natural, cultural, and recreational resources found in those portions of Grand Canyon National Park and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area affected by Glen Canyon Dam operations.

CIDA Collaborations with GCMRC

GCMRC Sediment | GCMRC Sandbar

USGS Library


The USGS Library system hosts the largest earth science library in the world. Established in 1879, the library continues to evolve and provide services to an ever wider population via electronic media.

CIDA Collaborations with USGS Library


USGS National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center


The National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center (NCCWSC) was created in 2008 as part of an ongoing mission to meet the challenges of climate change and its effects on wildlife.

CIDA Collaborations with NCCWSC

Geo Data Portal | USGS Derived Downscaled Climate Projection Portal | NCCWSC Project Data Archives

USGS National Water Census


The National Water Census is a USGS research program on national water availability and use that develops new water accounting tools and assesses water availability at the regional and national scales.

CIDA Collaborations with NWC

National Water Census Web Platform

USGS National Water Information System


The USGS National Water Information System provides access to water resources data collected at 1.5 million sites. The USGS investigates the occurrence, quantity, quality, distribution, and movement of surface and underground water and disseminates the data to entities with an interest in our water resources.

CIDA Collaborations with NWIS

NWIS Vision | EnDDaT | Water Quality Portal

USGS National Water-Quality Assessment Program


The National Water-Quality Assessment Program (NAWQA) provides an understanding of water- quality conditions; whether conditions are getting better or worse over time; and how natural features and human activities affect those conditions.

USGS Office of Groundwater


The Office of Groundwater, as part of the Water Mission Area, provides leadership to the USGS in the development of techniques for the collection, analysis, and interpretation of groundwater data.

USGS Office of Water Information


The USGS Office of Water Information is responsible for designing and managing the technology that delivers USGS Water data to citizens and other government agencies.

CIDA Collaborations with OWI

Project Management | Administrative and Architectural Support

USGS Wisconsin Water Science Center


The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is the Nation's largest water, earth, biological science, and civilian mapping agency. The Wisconsin Water Science Center is based in Middleton, Wisconsin. We carry out our activities from offices in Middleton, Rice Lake, and Rhinelander and from many field locations throughout the State.

CIDA Collaborations with WWSC

Noreast | Pathlab | Mercury lab

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources


The WI Department of Natural Resources protects, enhances and manages the state's natural resources.