Lincolnshire 3

Illinois State Water Survey

Located in Lake County, Illinois, this groundwater monitoring location is associated with a water well in the Cambrian-Ordovician aquifer system.

Well Construction

Depth Description
0.0-451.0 ft 16.0 in diameter none casing
- ft none screen
Depth Lithology Description
0.0-169.0 ft unknown drift
169.0-286.0 ft unknown Silurian Dolomite
286.0-441.0 ft unknown Maquoketa Shale
441.0-762.0 ft unknown Galena-Platteville
762.0-821.0 ft unknown Glenwood
821.0-942.0 ft unknown St. Peter Sandstone
942.0-1110.0 ft unknown Knox
1110.0-1265.0 ft unknown Ironton-Galesville Sandstone
1265.0-1300.0 ft unknown Eau Claire

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