National Ground-Water Monitoring Network
Cooperative Agreements

The NGWMN is designed as a cooperative groundwater data collection, management, and reporting system that aggregates data from selected wells and springs in existing Federal, State, Tribal, and local groundwater monitoring networks. The Network is envisioned as a long-term collaborative partnership among Federal and non-Federal data providers that will help address present and future groundwater management questions facing the Nation.

The USGS National Ground-Water Monitoring Network (NGWMN) has been offering funding to agencies to participate in the NGWMN since Federal Fiscal Year 2015. Documents describing the projects funded through the NGWMN Cooperative Agreements for each year are listed below:

Fiscal Year Document
2015 NGWMN_FY15_ProjectSummary.pdf
2016 NGWMN_FY16_ProjectSummary.pdf
2017 NGWMN_FY17_ProjectSummary.pdf
2018 NGWMN_FY18_ProjectSummary.pdf
2019 NGWMN_FY19_ProjectSummary.pdf
2020 NGWMN_FY20_ProjectSummary.pdf
2021 NGWMN_FY21_ProjectSummary.pdf
2022 NGWMN_FY22_ProjectSummary.pdf
2023 NGWMN_FY23_ProjectSummary.pdf

2024 Funding Opportunity

The USGS National Groundwater Monitoring Network (NGWMN) Cooperative Funding Opportunity for 2024 to support the NWGMN will be open from October 2, 2023 through January 18, 2024.  

The funding will be for a 2-year period beginning in July 2024. Cooperative agreements will provide support for both new and existing data providers in the NGWMN. The USGS will fund new data providers to select and classify sites within existing monitoring programs, to set up web services that will link the data to the NGWMN Portal, and to produce a report describing this process. Existing data providers can apply for funding to maintain web services and keep site information current. Data providers may also apply for funding to collect data to improve site information, to maintain wells, to drill new or replacement Network wells, or purchase continuous water-level monitoring equipment for the NGWMN. 

When open, interested agencies can apply online at under under funding opportunity number G24AS00405. Applications will be accepted from October 2, 2023 through January 18, 2024. Applications will only be accepted electronically through; paper copies will not be accepted. The Program Announcement contains the requirements and other guidance for submitting proposals.  

Three webinars are scheduled to provide information to applicants.  

A PDF file of the most recent information session is available here and a recording of the December 2024 information session can be found here.

One of the biggest changes recently to the Program Announcement is the requirement to submit a NGWMN Proposal Checklist as part of the proposal. This new requirement, along with other changes to the Program Announcement will be discussed at the NGWMN information sessions.

If you have questions about the National Ground-Water Monitoring Network Program, please contact: 

Jason Fine 

(919) 817-5395 (cell) 

 Resources for Proposals

  • The PDF of the NGWMN 2024 Program Announcement is available here

  • A one page information sheet about the NGWMN 2024 Funding Opportunity that can be shared with interested parties is available here.

  • The NGWMN Proposal checklist is available in both PDF and Excel formats.

  • A spreadsheet with the template for the detailed budgets is available here

  • A spreadsheet with the example budgets included in the Program Announcement is available here

  • A shapefile of NGWMN sites as of November 2023 is available here.   Instructions on how to download a shapefile of NGWMN is available in this Tip Sheet.