Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI)

Compilation of USGS Data for the Great Lakes Basin

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Compilation of USGS Data for the Great Lakes Basin.

USGS maintains data in different formats depending on data type - biological, water resources, geological and geospatial. Although this data is publicly available, it is not available as a set of data for the Great Lakes. This project will compile the most important USGS datasets for the basin and make it available in easily accessible formats.


In support of the GLRI, USGS will work with the Great Lakes Observing System and other data exchange efforts to make water resources and biological information more readily accessible as a Great Lakes Basin dataset. This information includes streamflow, ground-water, and water-quality data as well as online access to USGS reports written for parts or the entire Basin. Biological information and reports are also generally available but USGS scientists and data managers will also work to make more user-friendly access to this information.

Description of Work

Plans for FY2010 include understanding data requirements for all USGS GLRI projects and developing an initial data inventory that will support a database compilation. Project team will interview project scientists to understand USGS data needs to support their research objectives. Relevant USGS databases and data distribution (data exchange) capabilities will be identified and a data availability matrix will be assembled to document and understand common needs. A prioritization process will be applied using the matrix to plan for the compilation process. A data inventory database will be designed and assembled for high priority assets. The inventory will serve two initial purposes: (1) allow for projects to understand both temporal and spatial density of available data for planning additional monitoring needs and (2) as a means for constructing queries for existing monitoring data.

To support watershed modeling, project team will collaborate with the other USGS activities to leverage existing GIS data processing. The USGS NAWQA program supports data processing that allocates GIS coverages of soils, land use, fertilizer application, point sources into NHD river basins. The USGS Modeling of Watershed Systems (MOWS) provides hydrologic model-ready formats of relevant spatial layers including land surface roughness, soil moisture, etc. And the USGS National Map will provide land surface elevations, land use land cover and river networks.

Project will integrate with Project #59, DOI backbone to link USGS database to GLOS, to understand feasibility for exposing the USGS data holdings into the Observing System framework.

Point of Contact

Jessica Lucido

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