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Data Management Plan

I will create a data management plan within the first year of the project, and will ensure that metadata for all data sets is created in a timely manner. (Note: this is required for all GLRI funded projects. More information about USGS data management plans can be found here).

Project Title

Enter the project title as it should appear on the GLRI website. (Basis Task field: Task Title)

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Enter the publicly accessible URL to image to be used in the the project page on the GLRI website.
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Agreement Start Date

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Project Duration

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Primary Focus Area

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Project Status

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Spatial Location

Indicates if the project has geospatial footprint(s). Select "No Spatial" for projects that do not relate to a geographic area (e.g. overhead, lab analysis, software development or science support).


Brief statement of the problem that the project/task will address. (Basis Task field: Summary Narratives, Statement of Problem)


Summary of the overall plans, objectives, and approach of the Project or Task. Describe the issues to be addressed, and if applicable, the scientific questions and policy issues addressed. (Basis Task field: Summary Narratives, Objectives)

Description of Work

Short paragraph to briefly describe the work to be done this FY. (Basis Task field: Annual Narratives, Statement of Work)

Relevance and Impact

A 'narrative' description of the expected outcomes, pertinence to policy and scientific issues, and Program relevance of the project. Required, except for projects of type 'Support'.


Describe the method or approach taken for this project.


Describe products from this project. (e.g. publications, presentations, posters or data sets), providing a minimum a title and resource for each product. If there are products that are planned or in process please include those as well. (Basis Task field: Products)

Key Findings

Describe any findings or outcomes of the project that you'd like to highlight.


Provide any relevant references for the project, i.e. citations.


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Principal Investigator

Lead PI for the project. (Basis Task field: Leaders, Task Leader)

Associate Project Chief

Center Director, Office Chief, Regional Staff Member, etc. (Basis Task field: Leaders,Task Leader)

Cooperating Organization

This is used to identify significant relationships between the project and organizations outside of USGS that participate in or use information from the project. External Organizations may include Federal entities, State, County, and Municipal governmental organizations, tribal entities, academic organizations, private organizations, international entities, and non-governmental organizations.

Points of Contact

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