Access and Integrate Environmental Observations with EnDDaT

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Welcome to the Environmental Data Discovery and Transformation (EnDDaT) service; a system you can use to discover data from our natural environment. This tool accesses data from a variety of data sources, compiles and processes the data, and performs common transformations. The result is that environmental data from multiple sources is sorted into a single table that aids model development and similar tasks. See the user guide for step-by-step instructions on obtaining data, specifying transforms, and processing data.

Motivating Science Challenge

As environmental models have become more intricate and comprehensive, the amount of data necessary to build and run the models has increased significantly. As a result, efficient data discovery, aggregation and processing can be a barrier to environmental modeling efforts.

For example, in order to develop near-shore water quality forecasting models, which are often times used to predict bacteria concentrations at recreational beaches, two to five years of historical data is commonly needed for model driven and model predicted parameters.

Furthermore, real-time or near real-time data is necessary to run models for accurate and time-relevant forecasting. In order to run the model from the previous example, real-time data with as little lag time as possible (< 6 hours) is necessary in order to predict the bacteria concentrations for that day at a particular beach.


To meet these needs associated with environmental modeling, the EnDDaT tool was developed with the capabilities of retrieving publicly available data resources through standard Web services, aggregating the disparate data sources, and processing the data through a single online location.

In addition, the tool provides a variety of output formats and data visualization tools. Therefore, these capabilities aid in model development and implementation by allowing scientists to efficiently obtain, aggregate and manipulate the data necessary for these purposes.

Data Sources

EnDDaT is not the owner or provider of any data. Instead, EnDDaT gathers data from a variety of data providers. The data providers are listed on the left side bar. EnDDaT has been designed especially to gather data that uses recognized web standards such as SOS, WQX, and THREDDS. However, if data is deemed useful for environmental modeling, custom data gathering tools and data parsers can be included.


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