Why Work for CIDA?

Why is it great to work for the Center for Integrated Data Analytics?

Achieve a global impact:

CIDA projects further the understanding of earth sciences, enabling scientists, policy-makers, and citizens to make informed decisions about the environment.

Open Source:

CIDA uses and contributes to a large variety of standards-based open-source projects (e.g., OpenLayers, THREDDS, GeoServer, GeoTools, and 52North).

Agile Software Development Methodology:

CIDA's management team incorporates feedback from developers to improve our methodology. Regular interaction with clients and project leaders generates tangible, reasonable implementation goals.

Continuous integration infrastructure:

Eliminates the busy work of building, testing, and deploying, freeing you up to write great software.

Dedicated Administrative Staff:

Collaborate with dedicated System Administrator and Database Administrator staff to achieve administrative-level requirements so that you can focus on development.

Professional development:

Paid travel to conferences, training opportunities, and meetings with collaborators.

Publish your work:

CIDA supports employee publications in peer-reviewed journals and official USGS releases.

Work with world class scientists:

Project work includes international and domestic collaborations as part of unique and exciting projects.


Casual work environment, healthy work-life balance, opportunity to work remotely.


Excellent retirement programs, health insurance, holiday pay, sick leave, vacation time, and more!

See USGS New Hire Pay and Benefits Information for more benefits information.

Finding Jobs

To be notified of upcoming openings, or to ask questions, please contact OWI Recruiting (CIDA's New Identity).

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Student Resources

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