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About the NAWQA Data Warehouse

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) began its NAWQA (National Water Quality Assessment) program in 1991, systematically collecting chemical, biological, and physical water quality data from 51 study units (basins) across the nation. The data warehouse currently contains and links the following data:
  • Chemical concentrations in water, bed sediment, and aquatic organism tissues for about 3,000 chemical constituents
  • Site, basin, well and network characteristics with many descriptive variables
  • Daily stream flow information for fixed sampling sites
  • Groundwater levels for sampled wells
  • 4,700 surface water sites and 9,500 wells
  • 68,000 nutrient samples and 45,000 pesticide samples as well as 13,000 VOC samples
  • 2,700 samples of bed sediment and aquatic organism tissues
  • Biological community data for fish, aquatic macroinvertebrate, and algae community samples (see "BioData" homepage)

Most of these data came from the USGS National Water Information System--NWIS Water-Quality Data for NAWQA sites.